2024 PFG Connect Conference Summary

Kate Anderson |

The 2024 PFG Connect Conference was recently held in Scottsdale, Arizona. This event welcomed partner firms who graciously shared their time, expertise, insights, and product information with the more than 80 dedicated PFG financial professionals.

Under the overarching theme of "Financial Advice for Life," the conference delved deep into topics aimed at empowering financial advisors to provide comprehensive guidance throughout their clients' lifetimes.

The heart of the conference lay in the shared commitment to elevate the standard of financial advice, ensuring that every client receives personalized guidance tailored to their unique life journey. From innovative strategies to ethical considerations, each session underscored the unwavering dedication of financial advisors to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

Throughout the conference, attendees engaged in vibrant discussions, forging connections, and exchanging invaluable knowledge. The collaborative atmosphere fostered a spirit of learning and growth, as financial advisors gleaned insights from industry leaders and peers alike. With PFG’s three different affiliation models represented: Independent Advisor, Employee Advisor, and Financial Institution/Hybrid Advisor, the shared knowledge and insight proved to be a highlight of the entire conference.

To begin the conference, Cantor Fitzgerald's Senior Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer Herb Morgan provided an economic update that set a solid foundation for the two-day event. Herb’s insights provided invaluable context for attendees, offering a comprehensive overview of key economic indicators and market trends.

Attendees participated in the Strategic Partner Roundtable session, which offered participants the opportunity to engage with roundtable leaders across five rotating sessions covering diverse topics such as Tax Management Services, Choosing the Right Investment Firm, “The Cash Conundrum” " tapping into High-Net-Worth Markets, and Clients' Emotional Investing. Attendees gained valuable insights and practical knowledge from these interactive discussions, fostering meaningful connections, and enhancing their understanding of crucial aspects of financial advisory practice.

Day two started by welcoming Financial Institution special guests and thanking them for their continued partnership. In addition to this welcome, we also provided an overview of what makes PFG stand out in the Credit Union and Bank industries. PFG’s unique affiliation models, as well as our flexible and independent approach to partnering with our financial advisors and their clients, were highlighted.

 The first session of the day wrapped up by sharing PFG’s community advocacy and inviting Will Abbott, Vice President of Development for Junior Achievement of Arizona, to take the stage. Will emphasized the importance of financial literacy for youth. He highlighted Junior Achievement's impactful programs, which empower students with essential skills for success. Will stressed the role of financial professionals in supporting these initiatives through volunteerism and mentorship. PFG reaffirmed its commitment to community advocacy, recognizing the transformative impact of collaborative efforts like Junior Achievement. Will’s presentation served as a reminder of the collective responsibility to foster a financially literate society and shape a brighter future.

An energizing segment of the conference was Meagan Johnson's keynote presentation, "Zap the Generational Gap," Her exploration of generational dynamics dispelled myths and stereotypes, urging attendees to embrace diversity within client bases and workplaces. By emphasizing empathy and collaboration across generations, she sparked a shift in perspective, and commitment to bridge the gap and cultivate inclusive environments.

To foster peer-to-peer learning, two l best practice panels were featured. The first, "Financial Advice for Life," concentrated on strategies for introducing financial planning and family meetings across different client generations. During this panel, three advisors provided unique insight into their different methods of implementing intergenerational planning. The second panel, "Top Advisor Best Practices," commenced with a presentation outlining 10 key elements of a successful financial practice as shared by PFG’s Top Independent Advisor of the Year for 2023, Bill Batie. Bill’s presentation was followed by a dynamic discussion among three accomplished panelists, who shared the specific practices that contributed to their career achievements.

The peak of camaraderie and recognition unfolded during the conference dinner, as CEO Mike Prior and President Susi Bennett honored outstanding advisors and financial institutions for their exemplary contributions throughout the 2023 calendar year. PFG award winners were recognized for their commitment, dedication, and instrumental role in propelling PFG toward continued success. Each accolade bestowed represented a testament to the collective efforts and spirit of excellence that defines the PFG team.

The PFG Awards presentation underscored the ethos of recognition and appreciation that permeates the fabric of the organization, reaffirming PFG's unwavering commitment to their Core Values: Integrity, Compassion, Teamwork, Curiosity, and Leadership.

As the sun set on our 2024 Connect Conference, participants departed with renewed inspiration, fortified relationships, and a wealth of actionable insights.