The Value of Intergenerational Planning and Engaging Next Gen Clients

PFG recently hosted its 5th annual PFG Connect Conference with its biggest turnout yet! PFG financial advisors, office administration teams, and industry partners gathered in Phoenix, AZ, to share insights, best practices, and participate in roundtable discussions. This year’s theme was “Intergenerational Planning: A Blueprint for the Future” and focused on helping advisors understand the critical role intergenerational planning plays in both their clients’ success and their own.

As we look to the future, it’s increasingly important for advisors to have the ability to not only service their existing clients, but help their kids and grandkids build a strong financial future. Establishing roots throughout the client household and helping them create a legacy set both clients and advisors up for longevity and success.

According to the Deloitte Center for Financial Services’ “The Future of Wealth in the United States,” looking at practice growth rates showed that financial planners with the highest revenue growth rates also serve a higher percentage of younger clients.

The 2015 study estimated $24 trillion in wealth transfer after taxes and charitable giving among spousal, inter- and intra-generational transfers. See the chart below, “Younger Clients’ Inheritances are Accelerating.”

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