We help advisors reach higher levels of net income and deeper client engagements by leveraging our scale, resources, and the relationships we have forged with industry leaders for more than 15 years.

PFG is comprised of former financial advisors with experience establishing and running successful wealth management practices.


PFG Advantage & Investment Services | Priority Financial Group


We’ve Got Your Back

The support you receive comes from our deep understanding of your needs as a financial advisor. Our goal is to help you be the best at what you do. We support you in building trusted, long-term relationships with your clients and their families to provide the objective guidance and unbiased advice they seek. We offer a hybrid RIA solution and affiliation choices ranging from a partnership as an independent advisor, or as an advisor associated with a financial institution.


By joining PFG, you will benefit from our:

  • Strong reputation and credibility within the industry
  • Experienced and collaborative team that understands you, your clients, and your business
  • Collective strength, leverage, and scale as an industry leader
  • Partnerships and strategic alliances we have built with premier organizations throughout the industry
  • Quality Advisors...Quality Advice model; Quality Advice University
  • Robust back-office support systems
  • Cutting-edge technologies and accessible resources


We Seek to “Right Fit” Each Advisor to Drive Individual Success

Our multiple affiliation models allow financial advisors to potentially start as an independent practice and transition to a Financial institution. PFG is a great fit for quality advisors who seek ongoing leads, a collaborative environment emphasizing comradery and support, competitive payouts, low expenses, and a last-stop career solution.


PFG Financial Advisors enjoy:

  • Multiple affiliation options
  • Highly competitive payouts
  • Ongoing contact and access to OSJ support and program management
  • Networking opportunities
  • Workshops and continuing education opportunities
  • Customized marketing collateral, programs, and tools
  • Training resources via branch office visits, meetings, phone and video conferencing, online resources, and email communications
PFG Advantage & Investment Services | Priority Financial Group


Elevating Financial Institutions

For more than 20 years, Priority Financial Group (PFG) has assisted financial institutions in building and elevating their investment and insurance business. PFG is proud to offer a hybrid RIA model, which is unique in a financial institution space. We offer:


PFG Advantage & Investment Services | Priority Financial Group
  • Compliance Management and Supervision (OSJ): Complete OSJ services which include ongoing compliance and practice management training as well as risk mitigation oversight of financial advisors
  • Sales and Business Development: Annual business planning and goal setting, along with an integrated custom marketing calendar to help advisors reach their goals and potential
  • Credit Union Staff Training: Ongoing conference series for advisor education and best practice sharing
  • Advisor Training and Practice Management: Behavioral Financial Advice certification and Next Phase sales training through Securities America
  • Turn-Key Program Management: Includes a nationally recognized team of industry experts
  • Advice Delivery Options:  Includes Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and other national industry leaders
  • Investment Services:  Retirement planning, estate planning, financial planning, asset protection, and money management
  • Insurance Services: Group healthcare, life, LTC, and Medicare

Not only do we serve institutions with a competitive platform, but we also serve their advisors with powerful sales and practice management solutions.

PFG Mission